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Process design.

Process design is about getting a process right from the beginning. I advise on suitable planning, management and implementation of projects aiming at creating architecture and design, which involve the users and support psychological and physical needs. I can help you save money and get things done faster and more efficiently while the focus still is on the people involved.

User-involvement design.

To make architecture and design a success, you need to understand the needs of the users. I’m an expert in designing user-involving processes, as well as in developing and advising on user-centred and interactive architecture and design. I can help you get a deeper understanding of people by engaging them, so that you better can design for them.

Service design.

If you understand a service process from supplier to user as a service journey, you get a very accurate picture of what that service consist of. This enables you to design a more holistically oriented service of higher quality based on conscious choices. I can help you optimise your service by strategically designing it upon the needs of the users’ everyday life.

Learning design.

Optimal learning environments is partly created by understanding learning processes and the supporting system, and partly by creating a user-centred flexible design, and finally, partly by education and training of the teachers and management in architectural didactics. I can help you design optimal learning environments – from kindergartens to universities.

Workplace design.

Optimisation of workplace design releases individual and social energy and enable innovation as well as it improve learning processes. I can help you analyse and understand your organisation and employees’ needs, and get beyond this to design the optimal physical setting that support and develop work processes and the overall work environment.

Hospital design.

The secret of well-designed somatic and psychiatric hospital architecture and interior design is the recognition of people’s differences. One half has to focus on the patients and the other half on the healthcare professionals. I can help you gap the bridge between different needs, and optimise the effectiveness of treatment as well as to enhance work processes.

 Consumer design.

The behaviour of consumers is based on subtle needs. Both the spatial environment and the service behaviour of the personnel has to supports these needs. I can help you understand your consumers and translate this information into design principles that enables you to create a physical setting that generates a better sale and overall service experience.

 Behavioural design.

If you want people to behave in a positive way, you need to design a frame that gives them a limited but diverse number of options for action. However, this is much easier said than done. I advise on behavioural design, as well as I participate in development processes, where it is desired to create change through design. I can help you make people behave more constructive. 

 Product design.

Throughout participation in a number of projects related to product design, I’ve gained knowledge on how to create products that is not only well-designed and aesthetically beautiful, but first and foremost meet the needs of the users – also the ones they are not aware of they have. I can help you create any product of wish that has a high appeal to people.