The Universe Foundation

E: HELLO@NIKOLAJBEBE.DK | T: +45 28407109


The Universe Foundation hired Nikolaj Bebe to carry out a report concerning research covering the relationship between architecture, creativity and learning. The report Physical creativity conducive learning and teaching environments constitutes – along with six design principles developed by Nikolaj Bebe during the research project MMALP – Many Ways Of Learning – the theoretical basis for the development of The Universe Foundation’s Project The Science Room Of The Future.

The report was subdivided into three related areas of focus:

Task 1 Identification of research knowledge in the field of creativity conducive teaching and learning environments. Answering and documenting the question: What promotes, based on research, creativity in the physical environment?

Task 2 Prioritize and describe (define) the theoretical principles which should be translated into design solutions in the physical facility. Answering the question: What principles should be developed into practical design solutions?

Task 3 Define the research questions the project should seek to answer, based on design principles, as well as which methods to be used for documentation and collection of this information.

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