New Nordic School

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Nikolaj Bebe was in charge of finding, analysing and calculating the key numbers of how school architecture is used in everyday school life in Denmark.

The key numbers was given to to the Danish Minister for Children and Education by the director of Signal Architects, who participate as a member of New Nordic School  dialogue group.

The purpose of using the key numbers is to create a foundation based on knowledge from which it´s possible for decision-makers, architects and designers to create usefull and intelligent decisions in relation to develop the school architecture of the future.

Nikolaj Bebe carried out this project as an employee of Signal Architects and used their database for the purpose.

New Nordic School is a development project initiated by the Danish Minister for Children and Education, Christine Antorini.


The purpose is to identify and further develop the values and innovative potentials in the future Danish system for the provision of initial education – from day care to the end of secondary education.

There is also an international dimension to New Nordic School. The qualities of the Nordic approach to education sparks a great deal of interest in many countries. In particular the dualbased vocational education and training has drawn attention from abroad. But the Nordic countries also succeed in educating children, young people and adults, who are innovative, independently thinking, democratic in their attitudes and very capable of cooperation in heterogeneus groups.

The fact that Denmark and the other Nordic countries have some of the highest lifelong learning participation rates in the world – in particular when it comes to the low educated – indicates, that the desire to learn continues throughout life.

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