The Deaconess Foundation

E: HELLO@NIKOLAJBEBE.DK | T: +45 28407109


In the winter of 2011 / spring 2012 The Deaconess Foundation held an open parallel competition called  Development Plan 2020.

After prequalification, where 26 well-qualified teams participated, four teams were selected  to participate in the contest.

The teams were: Team Juul/Frost, Team Vandkunsten, Team Ensemble (Cubo Architects), Team Erik Møller Architect and Vilhelm Lauritzen Architecs.

Nikolaj Bebe participated as a member of the Erik Møller and Vilhelm Lauritzen team as an employee of Signal Architects.

Nikolaj Bebe´s main role was to advise on how to save square meters, optimize learning spaces and environments and help with design principles, as well as handle the user-involvement process.

The Deaconess Foundation wants to change from mainly being a great institutional environment to be a place that primarily appears as an inspiring living environment that offers a variety of activities held together by a common cultural / church foundation. The aim is to house different groups, facilities for health, service, care and education programs as well as volunteer activities. But first and foremost a varied life in historic and modern buildings.The idea behind this character change is not least to show how future housing and care services for seniors and elderly can function.

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