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The INDEX Design Challenge is a unique design competition focused on using design processes as a means to promote change; using real challenges and activating real solutions.The 2010 topic was education in developing countries, and the challenge was co-formulated by UNICEF and INDEX:. More than 1300 students from over 90 universities in 35 countries rose to the challenge and created more than 100 unique solutions.

The role of Nikolaj Bebe was over a period of months to be an advisor to designer Lau Shuk Man, Monash University – Australia, and her project Reach & Match, and further to contribute to the development of the product throughout a 2-days workshop.

Reach & Match is designed to create an educational and playful kit in assisting the emotional, communicative and cognitive development for young children with visual impairments. It provides children (3-6years old) with visual impairments a unique bridge and interesting path to Braille literacy. The design can provide tactile strategy and hearing pleasure through the sensory exploration and can build motor development, special awareness and logical intelligence in the sensory play of design.

INDEX: is a Danish-based, nonprofit organization established in 2002 that coined the concept “Design to Improve Life”. INDEX: works globally to promote and apply both design and design processes with the capacity to improve the lives of people worldwide. INDEX: is widely recognized for its biennial global design award, the INDEX:Award, the largest monetary design prize in the world, worth €500,000 and encompassing the five categories of INDEX:—BodyHomeWork,Play, and Community.

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