Design to improve life education conference 2012

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Screenshot DTILEducation Conference 2012

Design to improve life education conference 2012

Nikolaj Bebe has been invited to participate in the Design To Improve Life Education Conference 2012 with colleagues and likeminded. The title of the conference is Entrepreneurship & Innovation In The Education System.

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New article about Nikolaj Bebe

New article in the magazin Gulv, September 2012 #3 featuring Nikolaj Bebe. In the article Nikolaj Bebe present some of his thoughts on innovation in learning and workplace design by integrating the floor as an interactive user-driven agent. Nikolaj Bebe is also presenting his innovative thoughts and theory for the future of learning and workplace design called Architecture & Design Version 3.0. (A&D3.0). Futhermore, Nikolaj Bebe talks about his six research-based design principles which is to be used in A&D3.0.

The article is in Danish and you can read here, but in the nearest future you´ll be able to read the article in English as well.

Go here to read the article in English… (soon to come)

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The recycle station of the future

Nikolaj Bebe has been asked to participate in a two-day long idea development and conceptualization workshop about the recycle station of the future.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide input and ideas – in particular to design and function. The various ideas will – to some extent – be tested at Farum recycling station in Furesø Municipality, Denmark.

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