E: HELLO@NIKOLAJBEBE.DK | T: +45 28407109


New job – again

I have advanced to senior consultant and specialist in user-centred design at the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark.

The specialist role gives me ability to co-create better projects with better research and stronger business cases, as well as to help develop our own organisation.


Guest lecturing at DIS

I´m now affiliated DIS – Danish Institute for Study Abroad as a guest lecturer in architectural psychology in the subject of the correlation between school architecture, creativity and flow. I teach American psychology students under the positive psychology program.

DIS is a non-profit academic organization established in 1959 with a board appointed by the Ministry of Research and chancellors of the University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School and School of Architecture.

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New job

New job but same focus as always. In short I´m hired full time by the the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark to work with design and architectural psychology, facilitate user-centered innovation processes and do ethnography field research. Not to mention project management. Keep contacting me though, as I´m always open for interesting projects and still do consultant work on my own.