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Spend a little money on research, you might save a lot

The Danish Healthcare System is reorganising the care and treatment of acute patients in hospitals. Emergency wards and wards that receive acute patients are replaced by emergency wards with observation units all over Denmark. These joint emergency wards are in general named, in Danish, FAM (Fælles Akutmodtagelse).

In order to learn from past experiences – both positive and negative, I performed a mixed methods research study on the existing FAM at Odense University Hospital. The focus of the study was the psychological experience of patients and employees based on their interaction and spontaneous feelings concerning the clinical and interior design in the present patient and treatment rooms.

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Research and innovation project at the dialyses ward

The Dialysis Ward of Fredericia Hospital has a long and proud history, as well as a stated objective to be the worlds best dialysis ward. The ward is now to be relocated in a brand new building at another hospital – Kolding Hospital. But how do you take an organisation, change it to the better and at the same time enable its stated objective through a new physical design and architecture?

Well, through ethnographic research and a service design optics Nikolaj Bebe and the rest of the SDSI team found out, that a normal dialysis treatment in time corresponds to the time going from Copenhagen, Denmark to Malaga, Spain by plain, except for that a dialyses treatment at the ward doesn’t have the same time economy that, on the other hand, is a perfectly deliberate and intended strategy in the airport industry.

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Nordic Adventure – Reconnecting children with nature

In September 2013, The Danish Playground Association and partners across Scandinavia, will be hosting the international conference Nordic Adventure – Reconnecting Children With Nature. Nikolaj Bebe is part of the team responsible for the development of the conference.

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The recycle station of the future

Nikolaj Bebe has been asked to participate in a two-day long idea development and conceptualization workshop about the recycle station of the future.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide input and ideas – in particular to design and function. The various ideas will – to some extent – be tested at Farum recycling station in Furesø Municipality, Denmark.

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