E: HELLO@NIKOLAJBEBE.DK | T: +45 28407109

The who.

Nikolaj Bebe / Specialist in Design and Architectural Psychology.

MA Edu. Psychology - University of Aarhus Project Manager, PRINCE2 Foundation Certified.

Work as Senior Consultant & Specialist in User-Centred Design at The Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark.

The what.

Specialised in the interaction between psychology, architecture and design, and how these parts can enhance or inhibit each other in treatment and work processes of hospitals, psychiatry, and healthcare as well as in  creative, innovative and social learning and work processes.

The why.

Combining theoretical and practice-oriented understanding of psychology with architecture and design, creates an innovative platform from which you´re able to contribute to the development of human well-being, public spaces, service and product development, and the hospital, school and workplace of the future.

 The how.

By performing ethnographic fieldwork that identify acknowledged and unacknowledged needs, facilitating workshops and presentations, designing user-involving processes, and by designing, implementing and communicating flexible, successful solutions that incorporate the psychological and physical needs of the users as well as the organisation’s vision for the future combined with good functionality and aesthetics.

 The more.

Furthermore, having and using strong creative and graphic skills in relation to identify and visualise the relationships between needs, people and future design and guidelines of space. 

 And the key skills.

Research, Design & Architectural Psychology, Evidence-based Design, Creativity, Innovation, Design Thinking, Service Design, Rapid Prototyping, Design of User-Involving Processes and Workshops, Visual Communication and Keynote Presentations.